Are you about to get married in a City Hall, in a suggestive location or in a garden with a civil/symbolic ceremony?
We have a wide selection of sets, including solo instruments (Harp, Flute, Violin, and Violoncello), the String Duo, the Harp and Voice Duo for small locations and many other solutions for couples that are looking for an intimate and non-invasive entertainment.

In the Florence City Hall we have the stunning Red Hall, in Palazzo Vecchio (the Old Palace); we also have many special promotions for you! If you have in mind a specific song that you would like to hear in your special day you just need to tell us in time and we will play it even if it's not part of the traditional repertory. The historical City Hall of Florence, in the Old Palace, is with no doubt one of the most elegant and stunning locations of all time.
In fact it's not a case if several couples choose this beautiful salon, entirely covered by red carpets, velvet and curtains, to celebrate their wedding.

We have accompanied with music several ceremonies through the years and even for us, Florentine musicians, it's always incredibly exciting to enter the Red Hall... And once you get out, the Square that welcomes the new spouses is one of the most famous in the world!
Contact us and we will help you choose the best music set to fit your necessities.

Many are the Italian and foreign couples who choose to celebrate their wedding day in the beautiful Palazzo Pretorio in Certaldo Alta.
You can arrive at the Palace through a very suggestive medieval village surrounded by the wonderful Tuscan countryside. Very romantic!

Another suggestive location is the Red Hall in Siena; it's located in one of the most unique Squares in the world, also famous for the Palio, in the middle of Siena and inside a Museum that stores splendid masterpieces.

The House of Leonardo Da Vinci is a very famous Tuscan location’s place is it witness of many couples who have declared their love to each other in the courtyard of the house where an artist famous in the whole world was born.
Our fantastic celebrants available for your ceremony:
FIRENZE CLASSICA was born in Florence, the artistic centre of Italy, for Valentina Berzi's will (download the résumé), who, thanks to her Orchestral and didactic experience, wanted to create a structure that was operative in the organization of concerts and music entertainments.
FIRENZE CLASSICA offers a vast assortment of artistic services in the environment of all the main musical expression, including classic, jazz and pop music, folklore, live entertainment, gospel and ancient music from the Renaissance.
FIRENZE CLASSICA operates in the following sectors:
Weddings: Civil, Religious, Symbolic and Jewish ceremonies; both indoor and outdoor locations.
Congressional: concerts and entertainments for conventions, cocktails, happy hours or business dinners/lunches.
Private: concerts for groups of tourist that are visiting Italy, custom concerts in private mansions with the collaboration of the catering's staff (dressed in costumes of the Renaissance), birthday parties.
Corporate sector: elegant dinners, cocktail parties, fashion shows, opening ceremonies, award ceremonies, artistic and cultural exhibitions, cultural events.
Our Musicians are part of (or have been part of) the following Festivals and Orchestras:
The Scala Theater of Milan, the Regio Theater of Turin, the National Orchestra of the Rai, the Opera Theater of Rome, the Municipal Theater of Bologna, the Regio Theater of Parma, the Tuscany-Florence Orchestra, the Municipal Theater of Florence, the Politeama Theater of Palermo, the Sicilian Symphonic Orchestra, - Pavarotti and Friends - Celentano 2001- RAI broadcast, Theatrical Tournee with Roberto Vecchioni, TV appearances with B.Antonacci, Renato Zero, Masini C.Consoli, New Year's Eve in Kuala-lumpur in 2000, Christmas in the Vatican, Festivalbar, concert in the Presidential Palace with the Symphonic Orchestra of RAi in 2000 directed by M. Sinopoli.
Valentina is currently working for the Florentine Musical Athenaeum as a Musician for Hospital Wards; she's part the project "Musica in Corsia", at the Meyer children's hospital. This project was born thanks to the collaboration between the Musical Athenaeum and the Meyer Foundation.
Firenze Classica, associate with BIEFFE Music cooperative company, contemplates the fulfillment of the SIAE and ENPALS practices applicable to the musical executions on behalf of the Client. Through proxy we take care of SIAE license for entertainment and concerts. We contemplate the contract for the artist, the musicians and the certificate of conformity to standards that is necessary for the event to occur. We also take care of the fulfillment of taxes and social contributions as expected from the law.


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