FIRENZE CLASSICA offers a wide selection of classic sets, including the Classic Duo and the Strings Quartet, for both Civil and Religious Weddings:
Sets for Religious Weddings in small Churches or in the Town Hall
Sets for Civil or Symbolic Weddings.
For locations that have these features we advise to choose musical set that include a Harp solo or Harp and Flute/Violin, or Violin/Flute and Violoncello or the classic Trio Harp, Violin and Soprano, that's always very appreciated.
We also recommend the solo instrument; many are the possibilities, depending on your personal taste: Violin, Violoncello, Harp, Guitar or even Bagpipe, frequently requested by the Scottish.
For the ones who enjoy brasses it's also available a set that includes Trumpet and Organ.
For the bride and groom who choose the Organ for their function, we always try to use the one that is in the Church, especially if it's ancient, but it has to be tuned and well-functioning.
In these cases we do a survey or we ask the priest if the organ has been recently tuned.
As an alternative to the organ we have keyboards and harmoniums.

For bigger Churches with two/three naves:
In these cases the best choice could be the String Quartet (two Violins, a Viola and a Violoncello), even with an additional Voice (Tenor and Soprano), or the Quartet with an Oboe (oboe, Violin, Viola, Violoncello).
With the String Quartet we can obtain a wonderful and rich sonority and the repertory is incredibly vast.
There is also a big demand for the String Trio (Violin, Viola and Violoncello), with and additional voice.
The violin can be replaced with the Flute
For big locations, we don't recommend solo instruments (like the violin or the flute) to accompany the function, unless you want to choose the harp.
For great locations there are also set that include Brasses (quartets or quintets), or the horn with the string quartet, especially if the ceremony takes place in roman or medieval churches.
In the Church generally the musicians are placed on the right side of the altar (hardly ever in the back, unless there isn't enough space in the front); sometimes they are placed behind the altar, where the organ takes place, rarely on the balcony on top of the entrance, where usually the organ is.
In this case (because of the lack of visibility) is necessary the presence of a person that informs the musicians when the bride walks in.
Not well known but very effective is the set of String Quartets with oboe.
You can view some videos on Firenze Classica's You Tube channel.
The oboe is very evocative for the entrance of the bride.


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