Are you thinking about a birthday party? Are you thinking about an important event?
A particular dinner? A very important meeting? An event with a special guest?
FIRENZE CLASSICA provides musical set suitable for every location, with a custom repertory.
FIRENZE CLASSICA offers professional and artistic consultant, assistance and numerous ensembles and bands, for the realization of private concerts; these can take place in apartments, in mansions, in hotels or in business locations.
FIRENZE CLASSICA has a lot of demonstrative material (audio video) that will help you choose what fits best with your needs.
We organize custom concerts for corporations and privates: what we suggest are Jazz Orchestras, Classic Orchestras, singers and Renaissance ensembles.
FIRENZE CLASSICA can help you find the perfect location for your event, like churches, theaters and many other options.
Firenze Classica, associate with BIEFFE Music cooperative company, contemplates the fulfillment of the SIAE and ENPALS practices applicable to the musical executions on behalf of the Client. Through proxy we take care of SIAE license for entertainment and concerts. We contemplate the contract for the artist, the musicians and the certificate of conformity to standards that is necessary for the event to occur. We also take care of the fulfillment of taxes and social contributions as expected from the law.


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