Firenze Classica offers a series of easy listening sets for your wedding's cocktail party, for dinner and after dinner. Here are our suggestions:
Jazz sets are more requested for cocktail parties.
I would suggest a classic repertory that creates a refined atmosphere suitable for all ages.
Jazz sets can be instrumental, with a male or female voice; the repertory ranges from jazz to swing.
We can also create sets with the musical instruments that you desire, including solo sax with arrangements and the classic guitar, sax and double bass trio. Drum sets are also available and the Jazz Band is always of great impact.
Blues could be a classy solution to not underestimate.
Always very requested is the Live POP Band, which can perform an Italian, international or rock repertory and which includes the Voice Trio, a guitar, keyboard with arrangements. There's also available a band which includes a guitar, bass, feminine voice, sax, drums and keyboards, for an unforgettable after dinner party.
Firenze Classica offers piano bar solutions suitable for the happy hour, dinner and after dinner, with an Italian and international repertory.
More over we can plan together “mixed” solutions, like a jazz or pop happy hour, with the addition of 2/3 instruments for the after dinner, in order to vary the amusement.
Very popular solutions include:
the guitar and clarion duo or the guitar and violin duo.
The band with guitar, clarion, double bass and accordion for the brilliant (but also melancholic) Klezmer repertory, Jewish Music.
NEWS: the fabulous harp and guitar classic duo with a pop/rock repertory.
Folk group of Popular Tuscan Folk Songs, joyous, captivating and suitable for all ages; there's also the opportunity to take basic dancing lessons.
Mandolin, guitar and voice or flute ensembles, which proposes a Neapolitan repertory.
These are only some of the many opportunities we have to offer you, but there are many more even for the most demanding ones.


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