FIRENZE CLASSICA offers you an interesting and very particular range of Medieval and Renaissance Musical Sets.
• Are you and your partner about to get married? Are you looking for original ideas? Choose a Formation in Renaissance costume! You will surprise your guests.
• Are you a corporation that's looking for a formation to entertain your guests during a happy hour, a dinner or a buffet in private mansions or in castles? This is the ideal settlement to make your event unforgettable.
• Are you an agency that wants to organize a Renaissance dinner in a private location? We would like to suggest you a package that we will plan together depending on the size of the location, on the client's demands and on the budget.
Musicians, dancers, minstrels, jugglers, fire shows; all the artists wear beautiful clothes and they perform with original instruments of the epoch, with formations that perfectly adapt to suggestive locations like castles or ancient historical buildings.
Firenze Classica has the possibility to provide a fantastic Renaissance “all inclusive” offer, which includes the following services:
Musicians for weddings, wearing splendid Renaissance costumes
Reception with dames, jugglers and fire shows
Reception for happy hours and dinners with musicians and dancers
Intervention of jugglers and actors during the whole dinner (to arrange with the client)
Final dance with all the guests and the dancers, which will teach everyone some simple Renaissance dance steps.
Catering and Renaissance preparations
Great fire show
FIRENZE CLASSICA has also the possibility of supplying wonderful rented clothes for all of your guest, picked and customized for you.
Our tailor's workshop couldn't be more reliable and able to provide clothes that fit everyone's taste, including the guest and the personnel.


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