The harp is a very refined choice for your entertainments, for cocktails, business breakfasts and for accompanying guests to the hotel during breakfast or dinners.
FIRENZE CLASSICA is able to propose the harp even for the entire hotel's season.
It's the ideal instrument to provide a sophisticated and relaxing musical accompanying for events like cocktails, business dinners or tastings.
The harp can be combined with instruments like the flute or the violin.
Musicians also have the possibility to play wearing stunning Renaissance costumes.
The musical program is custom and based on the needs of the client and on the characteristic of the event.
The harp is suitable for:
Afternoon's entertainments in hotels
Dinners by candlelight
Cocktails and business breakfasts
Business dinners with a limited number of guests
Exhibitions and openings
Readings of books and poems
Entertainments in thermal structures


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