FIRENZE CLASSICA can supply many musical sets with lyric singers.
If you want to embellish your event or your gala dinner with the presence of singers with melodious voices, we have many options that range from the voice and piano duo, to the romantic soprano and tenor duet in theatrical form with the singers that interact with the audience. We can also organize a lyric performance - a surprise at the end of the night - as an homage for your guests.
We have many options that can fit your needs.
Soprano or Tenor Duo with a Piano
Soprano and Tenor Duet with Piano or String Quartet
3 TENORS performance with Piano
Soprano and two Harps
We offer small offers for limited budgets or small locations.
Tenor or Soprano with Guitar
Soprano/Tenor and Harp or Guitar or Arrangements
Contact us and we will find together the perfect option for your event.


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