Firenze Classica offers Medieval Formations to liven up your evenings in private mansions or castles, for openings, for happy hours and to entertain you during dinner.
Entertaining for Medieval parties.
Here a list of our offers:
Medieval Trio with Feminine Voice
Percussion, Medieval or from the Renaissance guitars, Flutes, Ghironda, Spanish Gaita, singing and acting.
The musicians will give birth to an amazing entertainment composed by music, songs and plays (like, for example, Dante’s fragments). The Jester plays too and also entertains the audience by creating a joyful and pleasant atmosphere, making the guest fell a part of a real Medieval dinner.
This formation is really captivating and it’s composed by a very professional staff that works with costumes and instruments of the epoch.
If your guests are foreigners the performance will be played in their language.
The ensemble can be itinerant.
Instrumental Medieval Duo / Trio
Percussions, Flutes, Chitarra battente (beating guitar), Lute, Bombarda, Cromorno and Spanish Gaita.
This musical formation is very fascinating and it is suitable for a more relaxed evening; it’s composed by 2 or 3 musicians who play songs of the epoch, moving around the location and entertaining your guests.
The musicians will perform in Medieval Costumes with instruments of the epoch.


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