FIRENZE CLASSICA offers a vast choice of Classic Formations, ranging from the Classic Duo, to the String Quartet to the small Chamber Orchestra of Strings. The classic formations are perfect to accompany:
Receptions and business dinners
Private and business cocktails
Art exhibitions
Fashion shows and Conferences
All the Classic Formations are composed by professionals with years of orchestral and solo experience, who have worked in the most famous cities and orchestras. These can be supported by instruments like the harp, wind instruments and singers and are perfect to accompany a private concert or a lyric gala.
Classic Formations can create elegant and evocative scenarios for openings in mansions or in castles, like the ensemble composed by 10 female violinists wearing Roman costumes; the violinists were placed at the entrance of the location to welcome the guest with kindness and elegance.
In case you want to organize a concert for your guest in a specific location or in a hotel, Firenze Classica's staff will plan with you a custom schedule for your concert.
Firenze Classica can also supply a location in Florence for you and your guest.
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